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Admin misusing privileges to get vortex slot


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  • I was vortex pilot, and vortex slots were full.
  • We were being attacked by AA at base and two pilots died while waiting for soldiers.
  • I was flying away for rescue and was going to turn back afterwards.
  • Before approaching back to base I got kicked. Reason: I'd ignore my role... (WHAT?)
  • Relogged to server, and found John McClane [AW-Staff] in the very same vortex slot.


I doubt that this was random. I hope this won't happen again...

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I kicked you because i was told that it was not the first time you flew away from the base with nobody in your chopper, so i was keeping an eye on you while i was in zeus at the time that i kicked you and there was not any AA around the base so IDK what was shooting you. Next time hop on TS or ask for your slot back and id be happy to give it back. As long as you are abiding by the rules.



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