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  1. I understand all of that, technically. The goal of my posting was, that you maybe increase the timer for idling (kicking)...
  2. There were 18 people on the server. Not sure why it would be overloaded by this amount.
  3. Hi, not the first time I'm experiencing your server to provide the mission file with slow speed (but I have stable 100 mbps connection), and then after file is downloaded, kicking me because of idling. Am I really the only one having this issue? Could you look into this matter, please? Thanks, vigidr
  4. I was vortex pilot, and vortex slots were full. We were being attacked by AA at base and two pilots died while waiting for soldiers. I was flying away for rescue and was going to turn back afterwards. Before approaching back to base I got kicked. Reason: I'd ignore my role... (WHAT?) Relogged to server, and found John McClane [AW-Staff] in the very same vortex slot. I doubt that this was random. I hope this won't happen again...
  5. vigidr


    Ingame Name*: vigidr Why do you think you were banned?: Because of ramming Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted?*: Because I didn't ram anyone. I guess that was another player... I was shot down (chopper) and crashed with soldiers on board. Nothing else .... Which administrator banned you (ArmA 3 only)?: Dunno. When were you banned?*: Just a few minutes before I've written this topic. Server: EU #1 I appreciate your immediate action.
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