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Stody - TBL @ 27/04/2016 - 19.00 CEST/20.00 BST


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Ingame Name*: Stody


Why do you think you were banned?:

"language" I told someone in that chat that he was being a c.u.n.t, because of teamkilling me and not saying sorry or anything. Then I immediately got kicked from the server by chuck for my language. I came back and told the Admin that he shouldn't be kicking me, kick the teamkiller instead because that's what I was angry about. After that I got banned for my "language" by chuck. I guess he didn't like that I was complaining about his decision, but I think that this action was an abuse of his "admin powers". 


Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted?*:

Firstly I am a old member of the AW family, I play on your servers each day and I'd be really sad if I couldn't play on your servers anymore. Secondly I am sorry for my behaviour it won't happen again.


Which administrator banned you (ArmA 3 only)?: chuck


When were you banned?*: 2016,04,24 21:30


UID: 76561198115817663


Thank you!



Sorry if I posted it to the wrong place. I am new to forums and I don't really know how everything works.

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Hello thanks for your appeal . This is the correct place.

This is the information I had to ban you:

"20:21:46 | (Side) Stody: wtf you fuck dumbass shit

20:21:54 | (Side) Stody: are you fucking serious?

20:22:08 | (Side) Stody: You just fucking shot the landmine next to me fucking Watermelon

20:22:24 | Player #20 Stody(your GUID) has been kicked by BattlEye: Admin Kick (language)

20:24:47 | (Side) Stody: Well done Admin! Kick me who's angry because a Watermelon teammate got him killed instead of kicking the guy."

I count 9 offenses where you have used language that the staff team deem unacceptable for on our servers. You also failed to report the offenders instead sent a torrent of abuse their way.

Why should we let you back in this community after this?

Sent from my hamster that lives in my motherboard box

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I can't say more, but that I am sorry for what I've done. It was inappropriate I admit. That had never happened before and I can guarantee that It won't happen again in the future. I'd really appreciate a second chance. Afterall I am not a ragemonster or a disrespectful someone. I just got angry and lost my temper. We all make mistakes. Please forgive this one from me.

With respect,


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After reviewing everything, we`ll make this ban a temporary one, meaning it will be lifted on 27th April @ 19.00 CEST - 20.00 BST.


Nothing is an excuse to use foul language, instead of using the energy to swear, direct it towards reporting the player to the admin or, if none are available, record or screenshot the perps behaviour and file a player report on the website.



Community Referee

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