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Equastro reporting for duty


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Hey all!


I've been playing on AW's arma 3 servers for a couple of days now and I really enjoy it.

I played a lot of arma 3 epoch and exile in the past, but always fancied playing more seriously and realistically.

Because of that I love the different roles in I&A and when people squad up and coordinate well.
So I'll definitely check out EU3 sometime soon.


My preferred roles tend to focus not so much on front line combat, but more so on vehicles and supportive roles.
I love to pilot, help out driving heavy armour or support trucks as a repair specialist for FOB missions for example, or give supportive fire with mortars or as AT/AA specialist.


And before I forget, I'm 27, male and from The Netherlands. I'll always be on teamspeak when I play, though I can't always put my mic on.


See you on the battlefield ;)


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