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Ingame Name: stormfire2000

Why do you think you were banned?: Teamkill

Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted?: Because i played my first time on this server and i haven´t learned the rules and i dont will do this again because i learned the rules now :)

Which administrator banned you (ArmA 3 only)?: I dont now Sorry.

When were you banned?: Today(07.04.16) 11:00pm.



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Perhaps Read the rules before joining. 


I watched as you:

Hit another chopper with your hummingbird.

Fired at base buildings with Ghost-hawk side gun.

Driving around in a quad and off road vehicle ramming the same GhostHawk.

Obstructing the buzzard pilot while he was trying to taxi


All while you were a pilot.


If A chopper is broken.. fix it.  


This will be you're only warning to play by the rules from now on. 


Ban lifted.

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