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Valiant PTC-1 Signup [After Ryko's gamenight]


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So its test time, expect stuff to be broken, stuff not implemented\functional yet. Stuff to be diffrent from the old ways and generally this is still far from finished content wise!




20 slots. first come first serve. no fucking about, play it as a gamenight, as adjustments will be made according to feedback.


Be advised that after the test I would like you to signup on the gitlab page for valiant to submit you feedback there, link will be shared when the final peeps are signed up.


  • EU3 Modset
  • LCAC Mod (download here )




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Okay so i could use some help. I downloaded LCAC Mod but i really don't know what to do next :/ i copied the file to my steamapps arma folder but i allways open arma through armasync to play on EU3 and i can't find the mod in my modlist in armasync...


Also i would like to sign up to test it out but what is the time when the test starts (CET)? Also, since i'm not a pro on EU3, am i of any good use then?


grts lex

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1.copy extracted modfile @BurnesLCAC to other mods in your arma3 folder (I keep them separate in respective main folder inside arma3folder).

2.copy bikey BURNES.bikey to keys folder

3.in ArmaSync: profiles>edit>new>newprofilename

4.tab "addon options", click on + and add location of your modded folder (if you have created and placed all the mods in folder explained in 1.) If not, point to main folder.

5. Make new group from dropdown menu : Groups. Name it "ChrisForTheKing"

6.tab "addons" : You will see all available addons added from location 1(or default arma3folder) in left side. Copy everything to the group "ChrisForTheKing". (Select EU#3 mods and @BurnesLCAC and hold LMB then drag folders to "ChrisForTheKing" folder group)

7. check your tab "launcher options" . See if everything is okay for you.

8. Start arma as arma3battleye.exe


additional info for 6. : This is why I keep EU#3 mods in separate folder.


Whoever crashes anything in this test. I won't play with you anymore. This is really big thing for me.

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