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Aloha AhoyWorld


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Hi all. Im not rly good with typing so im gonna make this as short as possible :unsure: .Was watching some Yt videos and i found one of luetins zeus mission vids and tought : Man this looks like alot of fun. So i started playing on the servers for 3 days now, the first 2 days were meh. But today the custom zeus missions happened and i have to say this was probably the most fun experience i had with arma 3 up until now.Also i met some ppl with whom i can really enjoy playing arma with.(sniper,easy,john and stian to name a few)



Tl;dr came bc of luetin, stayed because of the awesome ppl. :)

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Hello was good playing with you and the squad last night. 


to bad my net died after i got back so i could not jump on EU1 for some late laughs .


and i cant agree more good to play with a bunch of like-minded and awesome  pll.

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