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EU#3 REPO update


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Ahoy there EU#3 Players,


We have received your feedback about being more open and are committed to an open dialog with our players. In line with this mentality, we have some news to share about the MODs used on EU3.


The MOD set will be changing in the near future. For a variety of reasons these changes are already decided: our changes are in line with recent Arma updates, and the future of the server.


Why are we doing all these changes you may ask? There are multiple reasons. As you may know, recent Arma updates broke the TRYK Uniforms. Stuffedsheep and Glitch combined several uniforms sets into our own AW uniform set. RHS is being replaced with the CUP pack for accessibility, compatibility and EU#3 future mission related reasons. Since CUP contains every weapon in the HLC MOD set, we can get rid of those too. The same reasoning is maintained for RH pistol. The net effect of these changes will save you about 1 GB in disk space.


So a lot of the mods are getting removed, but content-wise everything will remain practically the same. CUP may not look as pretty as RHS, but in the future it will. Our goal is to keep transitions like this rare, and from now on, to give you notice that these changes will be happening.


Also, we will be adding the new MODs first, and then a few weeks later, take out the ones scheduled for removal. This will help people through the transition in terms of creating new loadouts, and also help the Development team to ensure the missions work in the process.


To be removed:

* TRYK Uniforms



* HLC Core



* HLC G3

* RH Pistol


To be added:

* CUP Units

* CUP Weapons

* CUP Vehicles


* AW Uniform set

* Mine detector


To be updated:

* ACE 3.5.0 (fastroping yay :) )

* TF47 Launchers

* CBA 2.3.1

* MFFA 1.2


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