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Hel- oh, heck, everyone says 'hello'. Wotcher, folks.

Char Aznable

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WARNING: This post is longer than most intro posts. if you don't want to see my ugly mug, either deal with it, or say hi and shimmy orf. or don't, it's really your perogative.


Awrite everyone? names Char. (pronounced "sha", providing you pronounce "a" like "ah" and you don't sound like your mother just explained the birds and the bees badly, when you say "ah".)

Not sure what else to do to say hi, so i'll just introduce myself from...


Wait for it, you. Yes, I saw you, at the back, stop picking your nose. Ugh.

Hereon in.


As you can probably tell, i'm a bit nuts, and i't doesn't get any simpler to explain than that.

I'm an actor, singer, trumpeter, and as such i have a bad habit of blowing my own trumpet, and i am well known for being overambitious with projects. I currently work at a place called Wyrmwick creations making armour for film, theatre, and Larping. and you cosplayers. weirdos. 


I'm also a wannabe cosplayer -cough im not like the rest of them cough yes i am cough- and get to the end of the design stage before running out of steam and... summarily, moving on.


I LOVE gundam. if you don't know what that is, there's a picture attatched.


Yes, it's a model kit, deal with it.


I also adore halo, before the 343industries borkup, so if aahoyworld ever gets an OPTRE server up, i'm game.

i do medieval reenactment, and i'll attatch another image of me doing that. I look like a prat, but don't judge me, the armor wasn't made for me, it was made for some irish tart, maybe.


Also, this was taken about 4 years ago, so i'm less stupid looking now maybe.


did say maybe.


Char Aznable is my favourite character of all time, and you can google search him, but i'll supply you with an image of him anyway.


Yes, he's from gundam.



A-nyway, nice to meet y'all, see you around places, mostly on Arma 3 in EU 1. look out for me and my doofy... good(?) ness.

Oo roo.

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