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Poll for PVP Tournament

Pac Of Man


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  1. 1. Do you want a tournament.

  2. 2. Tournament Style (If wanted)


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5v5 would be best for this to start with, give small objectives and think about what happens if everyone dies.


I always hated SnD when people would focus just on killing and not scoring objectives. Best of 3 rounds.


So maybe make some kind of scoring system where wipe enemy team = 1 point. Complete objective = 5 points

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Agreed on the objectives, would be a good time if it was easy to implement, via Zeus or otherwise.


I like the idea of an 11 v 11 match...

- 2 fireteams + SL, good amount of fighting happens without it becoming overwhelming to command (although 20v20 sounds epic!)

- allows more people to play per round, so less waiting


Although I concede that both of the above are functions of playable area size and layout. Smaller area could mean quick 5v5 CQB rounds within a compound or something. Also, wouldn't have to rely on people wanting to play the SL role.

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Yeah i was thinking something like teams of 5-10 would battle to take and hold a objective and maybe the players (not in a team or playing) could spectate whats going on using the spectator mode.


I was thinking I might make a mission and test it on one of the servers (with the admins permission of course) but i've not used the editor before so if some one could help or point me toward a tutorial that would be grand. 

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