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Mr.Mustahce Ban Appeal


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Ingame Name: Mr.Mustache

Why do you think you were banned?: Becuse of Teamkilling on EU3 

Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted?: Becuse i did something wrong and i know that i should not have done it

Which administrator banned you (ArmA 3 only)?: Josh

When were you banned?*: EU3: 25.-01-2016

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Thanks for the appeal.


I have heard your name mentioned by Staff members and see that you have been warned for different things a number of times. This final offence seems to justify the action taken by the banning staff member in my opinion. Your ban this time is temporary and will be lifted around 7pm on February 2nd. I hope this serves as a reminder that we take our servers seriously and should your name continue to pop up after this ban is lifted the next one will likely be permanent.


- Danny (Community Referee)

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