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[GAMENIGHT] Sahrani Zeus Game Mode


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Saturday Night Gamenight!


I know its very late, but who cares. Its gamenight!
Even though its late there will be sign-ups, as last time it was a disaster without!

This mission is done as we go, so apart from the ''reason we are there'' there is no intel up-front.


Operation: Ares

Time of operation start: 19:30 GMT

Time of preparation: 19:00 PM GMT

Type of gameplay: CO-OP Assault

Mods: EU#3 Repository Mods



Click here to sign up!




 Sahrani has been in chaos by the recent Civil War. The goverment has been overthrown and videos have shown up of executions of high-ranked Politcal members of the NATO friendly sided goverment As the island group is a part of the NATO Force they will now be supported by them with any means necesarry. Hoewever, before the main force arrives a small QRF of American soldiers whom where posted nearby have been ordered to migrate to the North-East airfield on the island of Antigua. 


It is our job to react to any threats on the main-land as CROSSROADS sees fit.





Game night Info:

Load outs: Pre- set.

Join in Progress: Allowed, controlled matter.

Units will be deployed to the AO in waves, subject to commands approval.

Re-spawning: allowed


This mission is a custom mission. Experiences may vary greatly from player to player in comparison to the usual EU#3 game nights.

Normal game night rules apply, if you can’t cope with waiting to get back into the area of operations or planning please do not join.

As stated before, thread will be updated in the coming week!

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