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Hi guys


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Hi all, very new to arma but loving it, been on the editor and getting used to the controls,downloaded the mods last night but tried the teamspeak on eu 3 but it asked me for a password, watched the gamenight videos on YouTube and are brilliant willing to learn loads, hope to see you guys soon cheers

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EU3 is a modded server that uses TFAR and TFAR is like speaking in real life and it has radios :) but in order for it to work it needs a TS3 Channel if you where able to join the TS3 Channel without being ingame everyone would hear you and you would hear them.


If you wanna give EU3 a try you'll need to install the mods read the guide lines and rules.


This forum will help you install the EU3 mods:



Edit: "downloaded the mods last night" Oh that bit went right over my head well then make sure you have TFAR installed once you're ingame it will move you into the channel.


These are the rules for EU3:




And some guides:




If you need any help post back here or go onto TS3 look for an Admin or go into the EU3 Setup Room and when a random person joins ask them for assistant.

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If you need any training with explosives or anti tank rocket stuff, look me up on EU#3 or pm me on Teamspeak. Be sure to fully understand the rules. I'll check it don't worry ;) .


@Duffyman, You haven't been on my class of grenades in a very long time... :angry:

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