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Weekly TvT Evenings

TvT Evening  

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  1. 1. What evening (non-weekend) would suit best for you?

  2. 2. Would you like these evenings to happen?

  3. 3. Even after reading all the info below?

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Hello there brothers in arms,




After having discussed this a bit; we've come up with an idea to "reinstate" the weekly TvT evenings on EU3. We could also try and get these missions on EU5 once a week, just so point 3 wouldn't matter.

This would mean one evening a week the server will be on a Team versus Team mission.

One evening a week, team versus team map on EU3 or maybe EU5.


The server will be put on a Team versus Team map such as TvT Dolina.
TvT missions could be very different from Gauntlet. For example; Dolina is a capture/defend mission.

Would basically mean some diversity once a week.


The server will be locked 5 minutes after mission's launch (which will basically be the time for planning the attack/defense). Misisons usually take from 15 to 40 minutes; which means if you are too late, you are gonna have to wait a little while.

Thus I'm proposing we get a set starting time, so everyone can participate from the start.\

Server would be locked, people would have to wait.


Ideas, problems, counter-arguments or something else on your mind? Please respond down below!



With regards,



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Voted yes; I enjoyed the TvT match we played.


For completeness, shouldn't there be a Yes, was No before?  Sensing some bias :)


I would be curious to know what kind of diversity there is in the available TvT missions.  I enjoyed the capture/defend mission of Dolina, but I felt it was pretty one-sided.



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We ran it on Wednesdays for a bit but it dropped off due mainly to no influx in new maps or poor attendance. The maps and the guys who made them were good but the lack of variety and playing the same maps over and over killed it (Not the fault of the map creators). We need more community support to either create maps or to find and play test maps that out in the A3 online community. Everyone is keen to play the maps but sometimes little/no help is given to finding/creating good maps/situations to play. They just want to play and complain all the time.


As for the problem is the locking part  due to people complaining and poking the whole time while its locked that goes to admins/mods/corestaff whilst the server is locked.

I propose a lock 5 mins before as above but after 1,2 or 3 rounds depending on players who want in to the server it is unlocked. IF we go ahead with this as a regular occurrence i propose that a waiting room be created when PVP maps are active. Add streamers links in description. Admin would have to be present to put map on anyway and to lock/unlock the server.


And if stream sniping/conferring occurs robust punishments.


In the end i would love to see the return of PVP as a regular break to the norm, and my points above may be a bit cynical (but i have witnessed behavior like the above mentioned again and again) but i think they are fair points. 

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I like what you're putting forward there, Rave.  I would suggest that there just be a regular TvT night (Wednesday's looking popular) and the map is chosen based on the turnout of players.  Ie., larger maps for a larger player base.  If there isn't a minimum number of players within a certain time frame, it just reverts to regular Gauntlet.  To further your point on people complaining about being locked out, I'd suggest that a time limit be enforced on every TvT map: this encourages the game to move forward and it also ensures people don't have to wait too long.


Unfortunately I'd suggest that streaming shouldn't be a thing because it's too tempting to stream-snipe or confer details to in-game players.  Unless a suitably long delay can be introduced, that is (ie., perhaps the time limit of the map).


I've been experimenting with mission design and I'd be more than happy to be part of helping to make this happen.  Perhaps a discussion on what kinds of scenarios might be possible that are different from just assault/defend?




- Both teams are racing to secure a point, and it becomes a king-of-the-hill scenario

- Convoy mission (mobile assault/defend)

- Domination style mission (multiple capture points, can be secured in any order, requiring teams to create assault & defender sub-teams)



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My suggestions and comment to previous comments;

Don't forget to add certain features to the map design such as:

1.Graphic settings locked by mod so that everyone has same settings in game

(is included in many tvt maps).

2.Spectator script. This one speaks for itself. It was great fun to witness the inevitable with the guys who were killed off without having to back out of the game. (this scrip is commonly used in EU#3).

As for streaming, I don't think your going to back out and into Arma whilst playing against other players just to see with a minute delay if f. e Josh is hiding in the back of the crashed humvee. I think this community is old enough to play fair.

Very exited, love the occasional TvT. A nice friendly but competitive get-away from thr usual.

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