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Improving Guantlett Gamenights?

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Hey guys, so i've hosted a few gamenights now, using Guantlett as the base model but implementing further rule sets. From previous gamenights I've arrived at the formula of allowing arsenal but having a limited respawn system, with first person only. However my questions to you guys is what you want me to change in future gamenights that I'll host?

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By this way as well, thank you very much for these gamenights, TheToxicPixels!


I very well remember all of them and also the continued process that brought the current way of doing it as a result. I enjoyed them very much and I don't have anything on my mind, that I want you to consider changing in it.


However, I have something on my mind, that could improve the gamenight experience for some others as well and that probably requires some action on my end, too - still I don't remember how this is done in the best way. Also, I'm sure that it has been voiced before and probably I just need a pointer to the right thread.


I found the other teammembers in my gamenight teams to appear quite randomly in my team, mostly based on the slots everyone prioritizes in the Google form when signing up. Most of the times I didn't know or play with the people in my team before. Also I never asked to be together with this or that person.


On the one hand it's great to learn to know more people and making new experiences with them, especially under the aggravated conditions of a gamenight. On the other hand, I'm thinking the gameplay can be interesting in other ways, too, for example when people who respect each other, have shared experiences, knowledge and skills and who are willing to depend on each other, can group up to be a team, like it's happening during casual week outside of gamenights.


I never asked for special things like that, because I'm afraid it would probably increase the workload for a gamenight organizer in a disproportionate way, because in the end, not all teaming up wishes can be fulfilled, and that would make it an expensive effort without much gain for everyone.


From playing the game in other ways I remember it to be a deep experience, when you can do some team oriented training with the same guys you group up with on occasions like gamenight, for example by playing as that same team with the same members during casual week in normal Gauntlet missions outside gamenight. Does anyone do something like this or would mind starting it?


If we could get some kind of team together, like three to five people, we could offer the gamenight organizer to play as some complete team, MMG, ?AT, CT or one of the fireteams instead, and actually reduce his workload by combining five signups into one, instead of increasing that workload.


As I've now exceeded the 2000 hours barrier playing Arma 3, most of that spent on EU#3, I think I can say without much thinking, that I don't really have any preference for any role that I'm playing, as there are no secondary roles in the game - just secondary actors.

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I just wanted to stop by and tell thank you to Pixel for organizing gamenights. I've only been part of 1 or 2, but really enjoyed them.


As for improving, I think 2 things are essential to achieve a better immersion:


1) 1st person only. This video from Dslyecxi explains it quite well:

EDIT: Not sure if it's possible to make the video smaller on forums...



2) No RTB after AO. Doing missions without going to base feels more fluid, interesting and opens new needs such as Logi support for ammo and FOB positions, especially after an AO has been cleared and you need to group to plan the next one.


Respawn/Reinforcement can be adjusted to the mission and/or amount of players.

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