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Hostage situation



Got an nice idea that you guys might like.  :D


As you go in to combat and you get shot, you wait for the medic to revive you or you press the respawn button.

However i was thinking about a third option in changing the BTC - revive script!


How about if the enemy AI get within 5 meters from you and there are no friendly's closer, you automatic be an hostage.

At the same time, that hostage player spawns tight up and striped from its gear some were random in a new small enemy base. A priority objective starts saying that we got 15 minutes to safe or friend or he will be executed. 

Depending on how they act :ph34r:, if the rescue squad got spotted the time will be shorten to a few minutes and they need to hurry. 


When the player is a hostage, he is unable to move, kill him self, or do something else then waiting to be rescued.


I am eager to hear everyone's opinion! 


Greets! GB

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It's a nice idea, but it has a few flaws.


1. Due to the requirements of being so close to enemies and far away from friendlies (and because most players would just hit 'respawn' as soon as they die), it would be a very rare mission, meaning that most players wouldn't understand the mission when it happens.


2. Considering that players don't usually bother doing side missions that give nice rewards, I wouldn't expect them to care much about a hostage mission either.


3. Because of the two above points it seems quite unlikely of a hostage ever being rescued, which means that the captured player will have to wait 15 minutes only to be executed, which seems a bit unfair.




An alternative to your idea would be to simply add hostage rescue missions to the list of side missions, where the hostages would just be AIs.

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Thx for the reply's


First of all, JuX, considering the amount of coding AW has put in the EU severs, i think they are able to pull this one off...


Second, i understand that (most) people wont want to wait 15 min to be rescued but like Jason (and i) already considered, the probability of one of us getting captures is rather small... Only those who think there an one man army might be "punished" by this and will realize how important and nice team play is.


and third, i strongly think that if something like that occurs, people will try to safe its comrade. Unlikely on the results of how it will go, people will learn. The hostage is however screaming in side chat "SAFE ME, IM BORED!" 


It just need some time for people to understand and get a feeling of it. I assume that when the AW EU servers started, it wasn't full the first day never mind even half of it...


Ps: It doesn't have to be 15 min, or deactivated suicide... those were just variables to explain the idea :)

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Already have coded this :)


Unfortunately its not appropriate as a completely scripted system and requires admin supervision.


I sometimes run missions on a friendly server like this. Has to be carefully managed, to select an appropriate person, and also an appropriate time when the players on the server are able to mount a rescue.


If you capture the player and all the other players are occupied/busy, it is a waste of time.


When I run it, I select the player and punch the code into debug console and the mission works fine that way.



You have to be sensitive and careful when manipulating the players experience, such as by 'abducting' them. Some players really like that sort of thing, while some really don't.

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