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Ares reporting on duty.


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Hello fellow comrades and officers. My full name is Bozhidar Kolev or just "Ares". I am 15 year old male, currently learning german, but will rotate to astronomy and biology. I want to become an astronomer or to be just a normal scientist, but I want to be combat-effective, because I am afraid of war and I want to defend my family. This may be strong for some people, that it comes from a 15 year old.


And now for my arma history. I first started playing arma 2 Free. I was in a milsim Community and we did missions and clan wars. It was pretty fun, but then came dayz and after that the servers of arma 2 Free got shut down. I played allot Dayz and was watching Dslyecxi's tactical videos. Then, about a year ago I bought arma 3 and now i have near 250 hours in it. I have 500+ hours in arma 2 Free. I am mainly a pilot, but I want to learn being infantry. Lately i stopped playing arma 3 for good 1-2 weeks, because I was getting lag in King of the Hill, but then I saw a video of Luetin and I was able to understand that Invade and Annex is the best game mode for me. I am beginning retraining my pilot skills and getting ready. I really want to be playing on server EU3 with that tactical element.


When you see that i am 15 year old you may think i am a high pitch voice unmature baby, but most people that i ask to judge my age based on my way of talking and my voice often say that i am 20-22. If someone has a problem with the fact, that a 15 year old want to play milsim, please let me play a milsim game one night and then judge me.





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Hey, welcome to the forums & the community! Btw I'm 16 and noone has had problems with my age so I'm sure you'll be fine (that or they just haven't said it in public).

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