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[Answered] Pilot crashing


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I have a question about what you need to do when you strand as a pilot but come out alive (mostly near the AO)


When i crash with my heli i always blow it up, got 2 satchels with me as pilot and blow it up,

but sometimes i see pilots go fully emotional and blow them self up with their heli, is that allowed or what i always to go with the crouwd but maybe a little more suicidal than normal


mostly i try to blow up the radio tower if its still standing because 1 satchel is enough to blow your heli


(Its on EU #1)

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If no one can repair them, then ye, that has been a standard practice on our public servers.


Just make sure you dont take anyone with ya, still sitting in the heli.



Your main job on Eu#1  As pilot is to fly trooptransport so iff you crash

yes normaly you blow up your chopper

and either blow yourself up or respawn 


Going with the ground troops is mostly a nono



Thanks, i think if you crash and go with ground is more a EU3 thing or same practice there?

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