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AGM and RHS armor

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So i was reading up on the armor of RHS and what do you know they use a armor penetration value wich is better than the vanilla hitpoint system. Problem though is AGM overrides it and causes a Abrams for example to burn up afther 1-2 rpg's wich it should not (as it is not supposed to do so in RHS. So if there is a slim chance maybe have some tests done with and without AGM armor and see what works better :P


(Sources : http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?184842-RHS-Escalation-(AFRF-and-USAF)-Release-0-3-5-(UPDATED)&p=2888454&viewfull=1#post2888454 , http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?184842-RHS-Escalation-(AFRF-and-USAF)-Release-0-3-5-(UPDATED)&p=2888365&viewfull=1#post2888365 . and some pages back in that topic they explained the armor system etc in for depth)

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Now first of all, amor values of the abrams and other medern day tanks are classified and (almost) nobody knows them. This is the reason why things like "this should never penetrate" can't be verified. 


Secondly, AGM. AGM doesn't make any changes to the way armor protection works. The only thing AGM does is preventing instant explosions and implement a burn-out effect (and then "detonating" the ammo, read as "exploding the tank"). So everything that happens is entirly the RHS system.


Poin three: I don't agree on your statement that an RPG shouldn't disable an abrams with 2 shots. One shot from the rear or in the side of hull will penetrate (or should do considering unknown exect values) and I can assure you the tank won't be operateble after a hit like that. Only the front of the abrams is thick enough to ensure the RPG won't penetrate (except for some weakspots, i.e. driver viewport).


Point four: You're completely right a modern tank should (almost) never explode (blow-out panels, safe ammo storage, etc.) but this isn't implemented in RHS. 


Point five: If you want realistic armor protection, you'll have to use Real Armor Mod (RAM). RHS is using a part of the code from that mod, but not all of it. RAM should also get updated soonTM and should be compatible with RHS, according to the developer. Really looking forward to that.


Bonus point: yes I tested everything in the editor.


If some things still need clearing up, ask me and I'll try to answer them, the tank geek I am.


-Jochem "Waffles", Bomb 1-1, 2nd Armored Division

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