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Tanks and EU3

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First of all, I love tanks. I think they're amazing machines. So in this post I'm gonna talk about the tanks on EU3 and give some opinions about them.

The first tank I actively used on EU3 was the abrams. At the time, it was the best tank mod out ther and I really enjoyed playing in the thing.
After some months, the Challanger came, and that thing made my day. It has everything what I want from a tank: a good gun (with two special roundg hesh and smoke), an interior, thermal sights, accurate display, and good view for the commander.
Yesterday, we switched again and brought in the RHS abrams.
It's a beautiful tank for sure, but I'm personally not happy with the change. First of all, the gun has a weird zoom in system that's not very usefull. Secondly it's lacking features that the Chally has(smoke screen, custom callsign, INTERIOR,...). And the ladt thing is that the commanders view is horrible because the commander gets an MG.
Now you're probably saying: "Why is that a problem? A bit less view but a MG. A MG is always better right?" Now believe it or not, me (and mini) actually don't want a commander MG. Why that is you should ask mini. My conclusion of the new abrams is thus: looks good, but plays impractical. So that's why I'm asking you guys: can we please get the Chally back? Please?

I hope this doesn't sound selfish btw and if you're not gonna add it back in, can I please get the reason why it was removed? Thanks.


And to make armoured warfare in ARMA even more enjoyable, please consider this mod: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?171586-Real-Armor-Mod

It basically deletes the hipoint system and replaces it with a penetration system.

Jochem, Bomb 1-1, 2nd Armoured division

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Yeah the Chally was great fun and an amazing machine, to get it back would be brilliant!


Maybe include a challenger and a Abrams from RHS, best of both worlds right?


Hopefully it can be done.




Minipily "Mini", Bomb 1-1, 2nd Armoured division 

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Havent used the new tank, but have used the chally. There was one little bug with the challenger tank that caused it to constantly drag itself  (steer) to the right, which gets a bit anoying.


However i concede Jochems point on the commanders MG, but for a slightly different reasons;

- 1) The loader i think on the new tank has a MG too, and i tend to feel like having 2 MG's (or anny 2 guns/attachments) on top of the tank realy hinders the 360 degree view of both guns. Basicly your going to get situations where just by the turning of either tank turret, or MG gun, view gets obstructed for either one of the MG's


- 2) The Commander should be doing what it's name says, focus on commanding the tank, That means that instead of using the MG to engage infantry, he should be marking targets for the gunner, while the loader can use his MG to protect from infantry.


This makes me come to the conclusion that the best tank setup would be anny tank with a loader seat that has a MG, while the commander has a top mounted camera at the most.


This is just my honest opinion, but like i said, i havn't used the new Tank yet, so i might still be swayed over to the other side.

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