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Play with six Arma modded server


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I was wondering if anyone has the problem with Play with six on the modded server as it is up to date but I can't join the server. I just join and get kicked instantly, I don't see the lobby or get a message. If anyone knows why please tell me.




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As dingo said above the pws repo is a little outdated. I can share my pws repo with you if you like however one or two mods are missing(simply because they're not on pws).

As dingo said above use the arma3sync as the better method.(im sure he meant arma3sync not btsync)

If you don't want to download everything from arma3sync you can also use my method:

Download from pws, and then download the mods missing from arma3sync!

Hope this helps! If you need any help feel free to poke me on teamspeak and I'll happily help you out!

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