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Mabye this sugesstion will make it more serious





I have been playing for a while in this server. But I have also played in many other servers asswell.

One of the servers(forgot name) is very serious. If you are in a squad, you have to communicate with squad leader in squad(group chennel??) channel. You have to line up and regroup with squad before we enter a new mission. The squad leader has the responsibility to regroup them. You have to follow squad leaders orders and work as a team. 


I think if Ahoy will do it, it would be more serious and fun. Istead of many guys going by their selves and get killed. 


Hope the admins can consider this. That would be cool! :)

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There is no way really to implement that 100% of the time. Additionally AhoyWorld is more about having fun with people, we have never had the intention of being a super serious, military simulation type community. 


Of course people are more than welcome to set up their own squads and do this if they wish, we actively encourage squad play, particularly on the Modded server as Ducky mention.


But to sum up, the style of play you described will never be enforced as a rule on our servers. 

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I have tried to nudge a little more toward milsim and realism, without introducing some of the tedium and boredom that is associated with that reality.


I do enjoy servers were co-operation is encourage, but I have joined some servers where I get banned for driving a hunter out of the parking lot :).


I think as ArmA 3 ages, the market for certain types of game-play will vary. Most 'gamers' won't stick around for the long haul with A3 (i know I sure wouldn't if I was), while mil-sim communities seem to have good staying power and last for years in flourishing communities. As the game ages, those who treat ArmA as just another video game, are melting away. 


AW is great community, is blessed with great staff. I have seen many communities fall apart due to abuse of the community/playerbase by staff, so be thankful! :)

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