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BIG thank you goes out to Kamaradski!!


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I just want to personally give a public THANK YOU! to 




Without his hard work the past week or more, we would not have the arma servers back up and running yet. So thank you for that bro!


It doesn't just stop there though. He not only got our server reinstalled and ARMA servers online, but ALL the behind the scene stuff that you guys will never see or know is going on with our server, he has done such a superb job on everything he has done. I wish that I didnt have to work the past 4 days so that I could have helped.


So again, thank you very much bro, your hard work is not unappreciated. I hope your wife isn't pissed at you for all the time you spent getting us back up and running.


Also thanks to everyone else who has helped get things back in order, or are in the process of getting back up and running, I.e. Proxima and the MC servers, and anyone else who I'm not sure is helping because I am at work 12 hours every day.

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It was a pleasure, and i also have to thanks the wife for giving me 3 days of "ice holiday" to dedicate my time on AW preparing and executing this.


Also i have to mention that without Proxima and Kyrie, the MC servers would still be down. They did a fantastic job on reinstalling MC, and making it as high-performance resource light as it is now !! Well done guys !!!


It is really cool that i received so many thank you's from everyone, and i really hope the servers are performing up to standard again !! ( it looks like FPS are through the roof atm, and all the ban-sync etc is working fine )

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