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Public Zeus Night Friday 21/02


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Gauging interest for a public Zeus night.


Would anybody like to turn up for that Friday? my initial thoughts were hosting it privately with ACRE, but then i realised this is OUR chance to put AhoyWorld back on the map!


I'm guaranteed to be no short of people wanting to play Zeus but I want to handpick 1 other person that can help me deliver quality fun.

If we get this right, we'll be hosting public Zeus nights and bring in crowds of 60 players (is my target, seeing as there is less server load from scripting)

If we get this wrong we'll be looking at a decaying server...


This is why it's SO important to me to pick the right people in the first place. We can have others later but i need the cream of the crop to get this going.


Are you interested in playing?

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Zeus certainly will mix things up and keep it more fresh.  B)



I wouldn't mind being silent co-zeus commanding the AI troops. Got pretty extensive experience in micro-commanding troops

in real-time strategy games such as "men of war" and all of its predecessors and "wargames" : european escalation & airland battle series.

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