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Lifting Vehicles in Helecopters problem.

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I have not been flying long so still getting used to it and only done a handfull of lifts but have noticed something that bugs me.


When you release the vehicle it seems to defy Newtons first law " First law: When viewed in an inertial reference frame, an object either is at rest or moves at a constant velocity, unless acted upon by an external force "


I mean you release the vehicle and it suddenly stops to zero forward motion and zero downward speed so if you are going the slightest bit too fast forward or descending slightest bit too fast the vehicle ends up in the helecopter causing you the hele and all who are with you to die in a ball of flames ( sometimes amusing if you have annoying passengers ).


All is fine if you have plenty of time to safely stop and drop but sometimes inserting troops you need to be fast as you may have an enemy helecopter coming at you.


Im sure they wont change this but it does make things hard.

Rant over.



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Poor Launchpad .. next thing you'll want the Kajmans to stop breeding like rabbits !   :)


but yeah,  not sure if this is an ARMA thing or an I&A thing though.. it's kinda funky 


I'd love for the "sweet Spot" for grabbing vehicles to be made a tad easier to find than the G-spot .. if it's possible ?


especially on vehicles angled up or down a hill .. where you have to immitate the same angle of approach to effect a grab.


because people that take the Bobcat to the AO and want a lift home,  take particular care in finding a pickup point on a 45 degree hill, amongst rocks, under power lines while they are sat in the fegging thing drinking latte's and warming their feet on the radio equipment !


There seems to be a certain mentality around "those" kinds of people !!


"Oi nub pilot,  collect me NAO !  and deliver me with pinpoint accuracy to the next AO where I can shoot stuff in the face, but will WHINE like a little girl when I get killed !"


those people


/rant 2.1



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Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe a vehicle with people in it stops in mid air indeed, but with an empty vehicle it only pauzes for half a second(ish) and then it should continue at speed.

tonight .. I shall practice throwing tanks full of people at the ground at speed ..


..ya know ...


...... for Science !!



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