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Another Joystick Thread


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So, I've pretty much decided I'm going to get a joystick for christmas, and maybe a few of the DCS and other flight sim games, as well as arma with a fancy joystick. 

I was pretty set on getting the Extreme 3D Pro from Logitech, since I own a lot of logitech peripherals and so I trust them, but I've been looking at some hotas-types because I would prefer a throttle rather than that piddling little switch thing in the logitech one, especially this T.Flight HOTAS X , which is pretty cheap compared to other HOTAS (like the warthog, jeez that thing is a beast).

Has anyone had any experience with each, or rather, could you recommend a joystick/hotas that's around ~60 dollars? 



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I'm also a huge fan of Logitech, but when it comes to flight sticks I'd recommend the Saitex x52 or x65.  However, they are a bit more than your price range.  I managed to pick up my x52 new off of Craigslist for $75 USD, they retail for $100-$130.


Logitech needs to step there game up with their newer G-Series peripherals and develop a proper HOTAS.

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I had a great experience with a logitec attack 3! can;t say much for the others but that thing was my first joystick (i think)

Logitec are a good brand but so is thrustmaster! A very tough one I'm afraid, I'm torn between em'. Ask the public players too i would suggest.


Whether or not you want pedals in the future i would advise a twisty stick for now.


sorry i can't be of more help </3

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