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Campaign Gameplay\Component test 1700 UTC 02.04.2022


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For my upcoming campaign im conducting a gameplay\component test on Malden before the actual deployment thats gonna be held on Deniland to test some new gameplay mods and scripts.

This test wil focus on infantry gameplay, medical and logistics.


It wil be conducted as a regular gamenight op.




USMC and Bundeswehr forces are to deploy on Malden as practice for upcoming operations.


1. Hitman(Infantry): Deploy from the task group using helicopters and slingload any material needed for transport on the island. Pikeside(Logistics): Deploy any heavy assets via the landingcraft provided on the LHD. FOB supply crate and Logistical supply crate are already present at the airfield.

2. Clear the MSR up to the designated FOB area. Pikeside will start building a FOB there while Hitman conducts patrols of the neighbouring towns.

3. Endstate is reached when fob is built and area is cleared. Gamesave will commence and a reload to test the persistency will then commence.




3x HMMW M2

2x M1232 MRAP M2


2x CH53 Cargo helicopters

2x Multi A4 hooklift vehicles

1x Mineclearing vehicle

Overall map of AO:


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