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Cold War Ahoyworld Gamenight Monday 22/November/2021


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Part Two: Jaghund


Thank you Midnight for fixing load screen issue with image


Server Details:

Port: 2302


Mod Preset:


thank you Siege Six, for fix for HTML (if people still have issues let me know)

No change from last week.

Global Mobilisation DLC is Required


Ace Compat – GM

Ahoyworld Mod


Enhanced Movement

Global Mobilization Extra – TFAR Compatibility

Task Force Arrowhead (Beta!!!)

Zeus Enhanced

Zeus Enhanced – Ace Compatability


Normal optional mods are whitelisted.




Mission brief 19:00 UTC. 


Expected Mission Length: 120+ minutes (including brief), (may go over or under expected mission length).


Player Slots:

16 + 1 Zeus



November 17th 1983 06:00

Following the Soviet push across the Iron Curtain A Coy. was overrun.  Recce detachment managed to destroy their objectives and buy time for battalion to reinforce defences accounting for two airborne companies and one armoured company.


Bundeswehr positions have been taking rocket artillery from positions just inside the occupied zone.  Recce is to find this battery and eliminate it.



Soviet artillery has begun using rocket artillery to harass Bundeswehr positions, in response an artillery company (Callsign Hammer) consisting of three batteries has been brought up.  Counter battery fire has been ineffective, due to it relocating after each salvo, recce detachment is to conduct an early morning raid and reconnaissance patrol to locate and guide hammer onto the rocket artillery that is located somewhere in the marked area as well as engaging targets of opportunity in the area.  The artillery is is objective Wolf.


Procedure for firing will be one gun firing ranging rounds, guided onto target by Recce.   Once confirmed on target, full battery will fire for effect.  Recce will provide BDA.


Once hammer fires, counter battery fire from the east side of the iron curtain is to be expected.  The more hammer fires the more effective counter battery will be.


Hammer will not engage targets inside urban areas.


A supply of captured Bundeswehr vehicles has been rumoured to be located in Bahrdorf.  An additional objective (Fox) of destroying, or liberating, these vehicles from the makeshift vehicle yard is available.


It is estimated that a company of conscripted infantry is holding the town of Bahrdorf, however as this is an early morning raid the they are expected to be unawares for the most part and discipline to be lax.


A Soviet air defence battery has moved into the region, a further optional objective, Lynx, will be, if possible, locate and destroy the battery by any means.


Previous primary objectives of ensuring destruction of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, and Spy remain, with any attempt to make crossings over these bridges to be destroyed.


Recce Detachment;


1x Rifle Squad (A. Panergrenadier)

Squad leader


5x Rifleman

1x MG Gunner

2x AT Rifleman



Armoured Recon Vehicle






Armoured Recon Vehicle






2x Iltis LATGM.

1x Iltis Medical.

1x Iltis Unarmed (also medical vehicle).

1x SpPz 2A1 armoured recon vehicle

1x Leopard 1A5

1x Fuchs Recon

1x Fuchs Pioneer



Recce  detachment is to infiltrate enemy lines, locate and guide, Hammer onto the BM-21 rocket artillery battery.


Additional objectives of reclaiming captured assets, and neutralising an anti-air battery are available to be completed at operational commanders discretion.


Any other targets of opportunity are to be dealt with at operational commander’s discretion.



A. Coy Recce Detachment has a makeshift base set up at a farm North West of Bahrdorf.


Medical Iltis would serve as a respawn and medical vehicle.  A respawn can be placed and subsequently moved at commander’s discretion if the patrol is to be on foot.


Engineering vehicles could be used to repair, refuel and rearm vehicles.


Command and Control:

Operational command will be with Squad Leader.

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