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I was around in the early days of Ahoyworld (Summer 2013)


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For some reason I was thinking about ArmA 3 when it was first released and playing I&A way back. I remember playing on the public server with Razgriz, Josh, BACON, Edward, and some others. I might have the names wrong but that's what I remember. I left the community in 2014 due to IRL getting in the way. I hope everyone is doing well around here. 


I have a document that a few of us were creating for the first campaign that Ahoyworld was going to run. I don't think it was ever finished or played but I have the story document that some of us were using to get ideas down. See attached. It was a google doc but I downloaded it as a PDF for easy viewing.


I also remember a hilarious moment where we had the guy with the "radio voice" from somewhere in Scandinavia do a "Ahoyworld Hotline" telephone call. I recorded that moment and kept the file but I moved this year and can't find where I put the file. If someone else happens to have that recording, I would love to listen to it. If I happen to find the file, I will post it in this thread. 

AhoyWorld Super Secret Camp again Campaign .pdf


Edit: After looking through thread posts from 2013, I am pretty sure the hotline call was performed by StuffedSheep. 

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