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Hello, a Stuffedsheep here


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Hey everyone,


After playing Arma 3 (With/without Acre) on the Ahoy servers for a few weeks, I decided to join the community because I'm definitely planning on staying! :D  I also have Minecraft and some other games, but i don't play them as much.


About me: My real name is Lars, I'm 19 years old and i'm Dutch (not German as the flag on ts shows, i live there)


I'm looking forward to playing with you guys and I'll see you on Stratis.




Lars (Stuffedsheep)

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  Hey there and welcome aboard the forums I say on behalf of the guys busy with stuff who can't visit the page and say hi right now. Anyhouse I expect you to use your Godmod free will to speak your mind on the topics or if you just bought a sm3xy conversation starter start up your own page all about it. Anyway hope you enjoyed my welcome essay and have a cracking good time here. Also "Racist Failtality" at TS flags. I'm Irish but on most servers I join people start going "Eh its an Italian". That is until I speak 

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Welcome to the forums, good sir!

I know you'll enjoy your time.


As for not playing minecraft as much, no need to abstain from it ;P We could use some more players, on vanilla and modded. And anyways, having a stuffed sheep around could help with the dwindling wool problem we have xD



Anyways, enjoy your stay ^^

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