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  1. Side note: whoever is charging you for using his mod is in violation of Arma 3 terms of use. You could even have fun annoying him by denoucing his behaviour :]
  2. Sounds awesome. I saw the amount of people on TS, was sweet:!
  3. Hello, nice to meet you. I would recommand you to get rid of the Minecraft avatar, as the entire thing is here only worth a troll. Indeed as you might have noticed, we actually do not waste money / servers / dbs / bandwith on Minecraft, the forums are just fakes for the fun of it
  4. Welcome back to Arma 3. That map is amazing, I want one!
  5. pach

    EU #2 Hacker

    Uh? That's something else. But we need pictures then
  6. Wait, Arma 3 has singleplayer?
  7. pach

    EU #2 Hacker

    It's not hacking. The Ammobox system is made by that guy, and he added a timed message to let people know about it
  8. Welcome, Minecraft thingy. In case you want to know, they are games with more polygons, these days, you should try them
  9. pach

    Battlefield 4

    So. I played BF4 beta today (contrary to Arma, it's a real beta. Not a stealth Alpha). Can I ask to get Arma 3 picture quality and Battlefield 4 physic engine on the same game? Thanks
  10. @Stonedsub I tried that one once; it was simply full of bugs.
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