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Calender Events approval



Could you please remove the need for Calender events to be approved by staff?


It is not a big thing but it is a bit annoying and especially so if the event is already on the next day or so (for example the event I created for Kennys GN today never got approval because everyone overlooked it probably and Kenny forgot about doing it). Also I don't see a reason why calender events must be approved but other posts on the forums not.

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With the calender events they are on an approval only basis bacause only events hosted by AW should be placed on there. Since events hosted by us can be run by anyone that sends in a mission this means that if we allowed anyone to create an event we would end up with a lot of clutter on the calander that is definitely not needed. As it stands all members of the admin team can approve posts on the forums and calender.


We like this approach as it keeps these locations clean from spam and only approved events end up in these locations. 


Personally my advice would be to notify a member of staff when these events have been posted so that they can be approved within a timely manner. 

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