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War for Altis - Act 3 Mission 1 Modded Zeus Ops 17.05.20 @ 16:30 UTC


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16:30 UTC


Expected mission length: 120+ min (might be over or under)

Act 3 - Weather the storm

Part 1




Malden has fallen into Russian hands. Many lives were lost during the stalwart defense and there reports that some of the NATO combatants managed to survive and are now hiding on the island. With the island firmly under Russian control, there is no way to help them now - they're on their own, trapped in enemy territory. Luckily, with the involvement of USMC and USS Gerald R. Ford, the [REDACTED] was recovered from Malden and the Russians remain unaware of the true nature of [REDACTED]. And so it seems a crisis was avoided, though having to involve USMC and a carrier in this conflict is reason for worry, as it may lead to escalation of the war. Right now USS Gerald R. Ford, with the critical cargo still aboard, is sailing south, away from archipelago of Altis and a forming medicane that may soon hit it and - more importantly - away from the battlegroup of Russian battlecruiser Admiral Nakhimov, which was dispatched to chase the carrier away from the islands.

            It is certain that Russians will now commit their forces to the fight on Altis and it seems they have already began moving forces, though unfortunately NATO forces are unable to do much about it at this time. Additionally, the insurgents have increased their activity across the island, especially in Russian-controlled territory. There is suspicion that it is connected to Freedom's interest in Gatekeeper's prototype weapon - "Thor's Hammer". Altian troops are doing their best, fortifying before the imminent Russian assault and trying to contain the insurgent threat. As it is autumn, days get shorter and shorter and weather gets worse - there is also a medicane forming, threatening to hit the archipelago of Altis.













The Assets

Player faction: Altian armed forces

Player slots: 30

- PLATCO - 4 man command element + BRDM-2UM command vehicle

- 3 Infantry Squads - Alpha, Bravo, Charlie - 8-man each

- Vortex - 2-man helicopter pilot team (pilot and co-pilot)





- Mi-8 and UH-60 transport helicopters


- 1x BTR-70

- Various wheeled support vehicles




The mission

The insurgents are conducting operations across the island and it is clear that they are searching for something. Your unit is awaiting for another reported attack, and preparing to move as soon as possible when it happens. Your task is to interrupt insurgent activities and find whatever it is they're trying to find.


The modset:

The modset changed slightly, though you should already have the mods needed if you attended other modded operations. For your convenience, here's the modlist:

War For Altis act3.html



For anyone unfamiliar with ACE who wishes to join, I recommend you check out the ACE basic handbook:




Hope to see you there!

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