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[Guide] (RHS: AFRF) The RPG-7V2 and its ammunition


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updated: 22/04/20




It's not rocket science (or is it?):
Red Hammer Studios' RPG-7V2 is an ironically niche weapon when compared to other contemporary Western and non-Western counterparts that the mod developers have to offer. This guide will aim to clarify the ideal utilisation of the weapon and its rather peculiar rounds, without going into too much detail regarding the intriguing history of the "RPG" as all this information you can find elsewhere online. Anyone interested in the weapon or who wishes to have a greater understanding of its rounds and use I encourage to do so.

The guide will avoid going into too much detail regarding the art of anti-tank warfare in general and will expect the reader to have at least a basic understanding of this discipline; I will focus on the weapon and the ammunition itself.

I hope that these findings will provide users with greater confidence and effectiveness when using this iconic launcher; whether it be whilst playing as an Eastern faction or simply scurrying for anti-tank capabilities in the field of combat.

- The RPG-7V2 is not an accurate weapon when compared to most other launchers in ArmA 3 as accuracy is not its real-world strong suit. However, it is not as stereotypically inaccurate as you may think and you will be pleasantly surprised when you nail targets at 500m+. Don't be disheartened or turned away from it if when you miss.

- The findings in this guide are not based on realism but instead the in-game performance of the weapon. However, similarities to real-life and RHS' interpretation can be found.
- This information is subject to change as the mod or game may update. The guide is also a work-in-progress but I do intend to update it when and where necessary.
- Most data is my own personal findings and inaccuracies or broardness may be present.
- All testing was done in ideal weather conditions (no ACE Wind or ACE Advanced Ballistics). You may need to compensate for this in combat.



About the RPG-7V2's ammunition:


As of 22/04/20, the RHS: AFRF RPG-7V2 has seven rounds to its disposal when playing ArmA 3 with only Red Hammer Studios' main mods (AFRF, USAF, GREF and SAF). Six of these rounds are from RHS and one from the vanilla ArmA 3: Apex expansion. Out of all seven rounds, four are designed to eliminate armoured-targets (tanks, APCs, IFVs, MRAPs, etc.) which I have highlighted in red and three are designed to destroy soft-targets (infantry, fortifications, buildings, etc.) which I have highlighted in yellow. But, of course, nothing stops the user from firing anti-tank rounds at infantry or thermobaric high-explosive rounds at tanks (I won't tell if you don't).

(Keep in mind that the "maximum range" is often lower than the "self-detonation" distance due to the curvature of the rocket's flight-path. The "round speed" can also be used to estimate the "drop" or the "curvature" of the rocket)


All testing done using the RHS "PGO-7V3" optic for the RPG-7V2.


Brief: The cornerstone of the RPG-7, the PG-7V is the first rocket adopted by the weapon. This round is from RHS.
Type: High-Explosive Anti-Tank (HEAT)
Self-detonation: Approximately 700m

Maximum range: Approximately 650m
Maximum effective range: Approximately 600m
Damage (against armour): Medium; a light but low-powered round ideal for disabling MRAPs and APCs at range.

Round speed: Average-fast

ACE weight: 1.43kg

Notes: A good go-to round for most situations and my personal preference for light-anti-tank over the PG-7VL.



Brief: A modernised version of the original PG-7V, this rocket is unrealistic and overpowered when combined with the RHS RPG-7V2. This round is from ArmA 3: Apex.
Type: High-Explosive Anti-Tank (HEAT)
Self-detonation: Approximately 900m

Maximum range: Approximately 800m
Maximum effective range: Approximately 700m
Damage (against armour): Medium-high; a moderately light but considerably fast projectile capable of instantly destroying most RHS APCs due to its vanilla properties.

Round speed: Fast

ACE weight: 1.81kg

Notes: When you learn how to use the RHS RPG-7 optics with the ArmA 3: Apex PG-7VM you can not only reliably hit targets at 700m, but destroy them most of the time too. Extremely accurate and deadly.



Brief: A reworked anti-tank warhead currently serving as the primary RPG-7V2 rocket in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. This round is from RHS.
Type: High-Explosive Anti-Tank (HEAT)
Self-detonation: Approximately 700m

Maximum range: Approximately 600m
Maximum effective range: Approximately 400m

Damage (against armour): Medium-High; an average round acting as an intermediate option between the PG-7V and the PG-7VR.

Round speed: Average

ACE weight: 1.69kg

Notes: This is my personal least favorite round as it is unpredictably inaccurate for no apparent reason, but when it does hit it does decent destruction.



Brief: One of the two heaviest rockets to the RPG's disposal, this meter-long round is your best bet when going toe-to-toe with a main battle tank. This round is from RHS.
Type: Tandem-charge High-Explosive Anti-Tank (HEAT)
Self-detonation: Approximately 450m

Maximum range: Approximately 350m
Maximum effective range: Approximately 300m
Damage (against armour): High; a very heavy round packing a very heavy punch capable of knocking out most tanks up to the 2012-era.

Round speed: Very slow

ACE weight: 2.92kg

Notes: An often overestimated round (since it looks like a Soviet spaceship) or underestimated round (since it drops like a Soviet spaceship), when you learn how to compensate for this rocket's personality it offers surprisingly consistent accuracy.



Brief: One of the two lightest ammunitions to the RPG's disposal, this stubby 40mm projectile acts more as a very high-explosive grenade-launcher round.
Type: Fragmentation
Self-detonation: N/A

Maximum range: Approximately 400m
Maximum effective range: Approximately 350m
Damage (against infantry): Medium-high; despite its size, it has an in-game lethal range up to approximately 30m when using ACE3.

Round speed: Slow

ACE weight: 1.30kg

Notes: In my opinion, the "ogg" is the second strangest round in the RPG-7s arsenal due to its uncorrelated velocity when using the PGO-7V3, combined with its incredible damage properties.



Brief: The other of the two heaviest rounds that the RPG-7V2 can use, this rocket is the go-to for pure destruction.
Type: Thermobaric
Self-detonation: N/A

Maximum range: Approximately 400m
Maximum effective range: Approximately 350m
Damage (against infantry): High; anything caught in the thermobaric blast radius of this rocket (about 20m) will almost certainly perish, but it does not create ACE3 shrapnel.

Round speed: Very slow

ACE weight: 2.92kg

Notes: A simple round with simple properties and a simple capability; highly destructive against infantry, buildings and light vehicles. Use with caution.



Brief: The other of the two lightest rounds that the RPG-7V2 can use. Some Chinese guy thought it would be funny to make the OG-7V airburst capable.
Type: Airburst High-Explosive (HE)
Self-detonation: Approximately 900m

Maximum range: Approximately 800m
Maximum effective range: Approximately 800m
Damage (against infantry): Medium-high; as far as I can tell, this round unrealistically shares the same explosive properties as the OG-7V.

Round speed: Average

ACE weight: 1.30kg

Notes: In my opinion, considering the unrealistic properties of several RHS rounds, this is the best choice for anti-infantry tasks. Good destruction, unparalleled range, lightweight. Great for the Hindu Kush.


How to use the RPG-7V2's ammunition:


This part of the guide will focus on how to effectively use the RPG-7V2's rounds anywhere from point blank to, what is in my opinion, their maximum effective range. The guide will not cover the use of the weapons "ironsights" as not all rounds work with them and it's pretty much just luck. However, when using either the PGO-7V/V2/V3 or the 1PN93-2 on the weapon, skill and experience will reward the user with results.

There are five optics currently available to the RHS RPG-7V2 as of 22/04/20:
- PGO-7V (the oldest option with range marks for only the PG-7V rounds)
- PGO-7V2 (the second-oldest option with range marks for the PG-7V and PG-7VL rounds)

- PGO-7V3 (the best option for day use with ranging for PG-7V, PG-7VL, PG-7VR and TBG-7V rounds)
- 1PN93-1 (the worst option for night use, this optic is night-vision only made specifically for the AK-74N/M)

- 1PN93-2 (often the best option for night use as it is simply a night-vision only version of the PGO-7V3)

As I previously mentioned, for my testing I used the PGO-7V3 optics which are the ideal optics for most situations, even sometimes at night due to night-vision graininess causing reduce vision. The optic does also feature a stadiametric rangefinder for use against armoured vehicles, however this guide will not currently endeavour into how it is used (Google it and you'll understand in seconds).

I've seen several guides for this optic and RHS RPG-7 ammunition in the past, however I found them to be either outdated or too inaccurate to use, so I have created my own. It's a bit of an eyesore but hopefully understandable:




(Imgur link to the image if you want a clearer picture: here)


To clarify a few things:

- As I previously mentioned, the RPG-7 is not a laser-accurate weapon (unless you use the PG-7VM) and you will find inaccuracies with some, if not most, rounds. This image is simply an estimation guide.

- When I've used a rectangle I'm telling the user to observe the already present digits indicating the intended range (e.g. the highest red rectangle highlights a number "1" on the scope, indicating 100m ranging for the PG-7VL rounds).


- When I've used a circle I'm showing the user different locations on the optic that can be used as fabricated ranges (e.g. the very bottom blue circle indicates that the base of the optic can be used when firing the TBG-7V at 350m or the PG-7VR at 300m).


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