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Hey all,


I have played Arma3 on and off for a few years. I got caught up in the whole Altis Life side of Arma which was good for a laugh, but I always wanted something more realistic and then I just kinda dropped off the radar as you do.


I've decided to get back into Arma with an aim to playing on a more milsim (if that is the correct term) server, the only thing is I've been away for so long I've forgotten everything 🤦‍♂️


So I checked out a few YouTube videos and found some great uploads from the Ahoy community, that whilst looks to be realistic and engaging didn't seem to intimidating to a noob lol.


I've always loved the idea of milsim team play just never took the plunge and jumped in as I've always thought i'd struggle to hit the ground running, but that all changed when I came across ahoyworld, you guys and girls seem pretty cool, engaging and more importantly forgiving lol.


I hope i can bring something to the table and add to this like minded community!


See you out there 👋




At present I have no discerning skill sets other than I can shot shit lol, I'll try and find my place and work on that 🤣

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