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[Suggestion] Coastal AO's should have ship protection/ patrols

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Having an enemy attack ship or two spawn to patrol the coasts of areas like Kamino firing Range, Agia, Girna, Camp Tempest and any coastal AO I may have missed, would add greatly to the challenge of these AO's, and frankly ones like Kamino are far too easy, as a Sniper or marksman I can lay in one spot the entire duration and get 20-40 kills without ever taking more than a few shots at me, and this is relatively close to the AO, going to the ridge basically makes me invincible from the enemy. This would also encourage better use of team play to counter, building community bonds in the process.

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I support the oil rig, if we are given enough assets to make one :P I love things like the off shore oil rig and it would be a lot of fun to infiltrate one. Although, since there isn't an actual oil rig object, it would be difficult to make and do, if impossible without mods/addons.

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if i am not mistaken, I think i saw one in one of the ARMA series. One could then easily import that....


However at AW we will keep everything Vanilla as much as possible, as we do not want the community to bother about downloading additional stuff.

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