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Vortex Ts3 or Discord



Hello to everyone..


My idea is  Vortex team must be using Ts3 or Discord for more discipline, i can understand some people don't have mic but they can type its not that hard.. 


Why they should?

Because some pilots i can say %80 of them just loving flying not lifting people. for example everyday i can see 1 pilot fly with jet when there is not aa treath on ao and after he crash and when there is aa threat our pilots can't find jet to hunt it. coz 1 pilot just waste it for his enjoy... mostly time i can see 5 pilot slots are full and just yesterday i wait in base 26 min for lift when there was 5 pilot coz 1 pilot was with pawnee flying around 1 was with jet 1 was carrying supply for other and other afk in chopper all this can be fixed by ts3 and discord i believe.. i hope you can take my idea serious thank you..

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Hi RoyalKings,


Right now there is no requirement for Vortex pilots to be on Teamspeak, though it is recommended.  On the EU1 public server, it's not really possible to make it mandatory that everyone use voice comms, so people really have to do the best they can to coordinate through the communication problems that exist in a public server:

- some players don't speak English

- some players don't want to, or know how to use voice or text communication

- some players will use Teamspeak, others will use in-game voice comms.


So in a sense it's almost better to insist that players use one form of communication and stick with it; Teamspeak is convenient and offers marginally better voice comms than in-game, but that's not consistently the case anymore.


IA4 makes no specific provision for voice comms or communication, other than we don't allow voice comms on sideChat any more.  The intention on the EU1 server will be to keep it as open-ended as possible: if people want to chat their comms, or use the in-game voice, or use teamspeak, all those options are available. For other servers, we may make specific communication forms more mandatory.

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Actually, the problem you describe wouldn't be fixed by pilots being in teamspeak.  You'd still have the same situation except now they're talking to each-other while doing that.  If a pilot is AFK you can type "!Admin pilot <insert name here> is AFK" and an admin or moderator will most likely be around shortly to kick that pilot.  And if you see pilots flying around in a jet or pawnee while there isn't any reason for it just call them out and say that you need transport.  If they refuse you can again notify admins as the rules state that the primary role of pilots is to "provide logistical support to the ground troops". 


There's a bunch of things that could maybe be fixed by pilots being in teamspeak, what you described isn't one of them.

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You didn't mention anything about a commander though.  But then you're fundamentally changing how I&A3 works.  And that's very unlikely to happen as it'd need several tweaks to the mission itself to make it achievable.  But it sounds like something similar will be implemented in I&A4.

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