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First Stage of Ahoy Coin Integration


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As a quick piece of information to all of our community members, we'd like to inform you that we've started our Ahoy Coin integration. Put simply, this means that you'll be awarded Ahoy Coins in-game for killing enemies / reviving team-mates and the like. These Ahoy Coins will then be cashed into your Ahoy World account allowing you to, in the future, purchase in-game items from the site across a wide array of servers.


Obviously, it's a system that's hard to test alone, so we invite you all to participate and let us know that everything's working as it should. The first thing to do is to make sure your account in synced up. To do this, you need to:

  1. Edit your Profile
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the Profile Settings tab
  3. Fill in the Player Name and Player UID fields using the information from your ArmA 3 Profile
  4. Click Save Changes

That's it! Now, simply play ArmA on our server and start earning Ahoy Coins!


For those of you that really want to help out, make sure you take note of how many Ahoy Coins you have when you start playing and how many you have afterwards. Is it the right amount? Should you have more? Less? Currrently, Ahoy Coins are only "synced up" once a Main AO is completed; we'll change this soon, we just have to do some benchmarks to find an easy method that doesn't impact performance.


Thanks for listening, all; now go and get some coins!

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I think it wasn't enabled on the few hours I played this morning. Tonight or tomorrow morning I will probly play again and report back here how it worked, I already added my uid and player name on my profile.

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We've got the database connection running stably and reliably, but the code that adds the coins has gone a bit funny. :)


We're finally at a stage where we can start testing that functionality, so hopefully it'll be fully implemented soon.

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