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The Squad Basics


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Good day!


I have developed this small guide on Squad on the Ahoyworld servers to demonstrate the basics of infantry combat and the different roles available. Lets get started!


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Table of Contents
1. How to join
2. First Steps.
3. Vehicles
4. FOB's

5. Squad Leader

6. Conclusions


How to Join


To join the Ahoyworld server you must go into the 'Custom servers' Tabahoy.thumb.jpg.f6f50e47e36471b88589d7b05c2ba8ea.jpg


Scroll down the list and look for server name [ENG] EU1 Ahoyworld.net (if server is empty make sure you go to filters and select 'show empty servers')image.thumb.png.0593e5860ff5623b5c3899521eb1f275.png


First Steps


Once you have successfully loaded into the server you may begin by picking or creating a squad. Do this by pressing enter and clicking create a squad or join a squad. Afterwards you will want to pick an available role which you think you are capable of, for new players it is recommended you take Rifleman, Rifleman LAT or Auto rifleman, Medical and Squad Leadership is easy to get a hold of when you think you have the basic combat experience necessary to take these roles.


Once you are in remember to listen to your Squad Leader and utilise all of your weapons for an effective squad, Scroll wheel usually displays your inventory at the right hand side of the screen.







Squad allows players to enter many variations of vehicles, Such as basic Humvee's or Transport trucks up to a BTR manning a 30mm cannon. Destruction of vehicles can inflict tickets on your team however and can be the factor between a win or a loss. Make sure you use the vehicles responsibly and remember that they are not invincible, Players will bring Anti Tank weaponry.




FOB's are deployed by your squad leader placing down an FOB radio which must be resupplied regularly by Logistical Trucks.  


FOB's in squad are a very important factor for your entire team (Not just your squad) FOB's allow you to fortify and deploy emplacements such as DShK's and 50 cal's or Mortar emplacements to suppress the enemy. The most important part of FOB's are the ability to allow your team to spawn at them, This is done by placing a HAB which your Squad Leader is able to place in the radius of the FOB Radio.


Squad Leader


As squad leader you are the Commanding Bigwigs of the team, You must coordinate with other squads using the Squad Chat activated default by 'G'. It is important that you understand what you are doing and that you are familiar with the servers rules. Listen to advice from Squad Members or anyone on your team as the decision you make could be a life or death mistake.




To finish my guide I would like to say that squad is a game for new and experienced players and that even if you have no playtime in the game don't be afraid just to ask what you should do. As people will rather have someone willing to learn and gather experience than someone who is running around shooting at trees.

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