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Medical System



Hi all!


I am new the the ahoy enhanced and i was wondering about the medical system. I very much like the ace advanced medical system but when i heard people discussing it, it appeared clear that there was no emphasis on the medics themselves. 


It would be much more realist to have everything but bandages, tourniquets and morphines restricted to medic class only. Not only it would bring importance to their role, but also require a different planning on troops movements if they have to consider the importance of their medics.


Correct me if i'm wrong, but people can bring 30 bandages on their autorifleman loadout with 10 salines and be medics with a big ass gun. This kind of loadout negate the importance of milsim, witch is why i joined in the first place.


I really like this server and can't wait to play with you again.


Again, if i am mistaken in what i said, feel free to correct me!



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Welcome to AWE.


If you joined for Milsim you may be mistaken with AWE, it's semi-realism so people have a lot more freedom to play how they want, even if you view it as a little silly or stupid. The MSO would be more for you if you want more focus on realism and restricted equipment.


If we were in a realist situation with the loadouts, people would only have bandages and tourniquets period, no drugs or IV equipment.


There are no specific rules per say on medical equipment, but it is expected that you carry a reasonable amount so that the Medic still has a role and you are not being a one man army.


If you're like me, you'd only carry 6 bandages (2 Packing, 2 Elastic and 2 Quikclot) with 2 tourniquets and no drugs at all. This is a realistic IFAK based on the in service one 2012 onwards (2012 being when RHS is set). I find carrying less makes me less inclined to lone wolf and get my ass handed to me which some people may be willing to do when they are a one man army. Of course, you're not forced to carry this stuff and that's what makes AWE a fun place to play. Though there may be stupid amounts of equipment on people at times, you just have to respect their way of playing, AWE is designed to have freedom of choice and playstyle.


There may not be much emphasis on the medics, but they are always welcome and provide a big help. Particularly if you play with me and find yourself getting trapped in some pretty hectic situations.

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Hi Joebillibob,


For enhanced modded moderators have a special 'idea-box' you can find it here: https://forums.ahoyworld.net/forum/128-mods-maps-and-feature-requests/


They also prefer it in a certain format which you can find here:


AWE is also not a milsim server, it's in a grey area, you can find more explanation on that here: 


As for my personal opinion, do keep in mind that i'm only a player on enhanced not a moderator:

Some people indeed take too many bandages.  Is there enough emphasis on medics?  There could be more but it's not that bad in my opinion.  And people might carry around IVs with them but they can't actually use them as you need to be a medic for that.  

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