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Need help joining I&A

Guest sgt crumpet

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Guest sgt crumpet

hey I've been playing on one of your severs for almost a week now and have been loving it, but for the past 2 days I've been trying to load up the invade and annex sever that I usually play on. I would join fine and be able to pick a role but as soon as I spawn in the only things to render are my player model, the ground and helicopters. I would really like to get back into playing on this sever as most of my friends play on it. if anybody could offer their solution it would be much appreciated.


many thanks 

        Sgt Crumpet

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Guest sgt crumpet

sorry I haven't got back to you, could you please explain what you mean by verifying my arma files, and how to do it.


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In your steam, go to your library and right click on arma.  Then at the bottom of the list click on properties.  This screen should pop up:

Click on local files (circled in the screenshot above).  This should look like this:

Click on verify integrity of game files. Steam will go through your local files and check if anything is broken/missing.   

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