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[AWE] [GAMENIGHT] Prometheus Series - OP: Tartarus - by KPJ

Karate Pyjamas

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: Saturday 28th October, 1845 UK LOCAL (GMT +1)  


Server: EU3/AWE


Briefing / Planning: 1830 UK LOCAL (GMT +1)

Mission Start: 1900 UK LOCAL (GMT +1)  


Map: Altis

Mods: Standard AWE


First person lock: No

Loadouts: Pre-set with limited supplies

Respawns: Yes

Mission Length: ~120 minutes.


Factions: BLUFOR (USMC) vs OPFOR (SPA, Russian equipped)


JIP: Available

Number of Slots: 40-ish (with 2 Zeus operator)


Sign Up Link: https://goo.gl/forms/7IqTDXyg3FDAjZiH2


Current Roster, definitely not final




We've secured a fair few of SPA officers. Meanwhile, we've also liberated a fair few towns towards the west of the airfield and stopped a large resupply convoy, causing further SPA militia to surrender to our north and east. We're now ready to make our final push and liberate the rest of Altis!


Mission brief:


We've been resupplied and have had some heavy ordinance dropped of at the airfield. We're now coming in strong with a final push on Kavala. We're going secure a FOB just outside Kavala before we head into town. Where we will secure multiple strongpoints, the hospital and the construction yards and offices. We expect the last remaining SPA to flee towards the ancient castle in Kavala. We're going to corner them there and finish this once and for all. While we do have armoured support, Kavala is the capital of Altis and we should try to limit damage to buildings and properties. Expect the SPA to become desperate and using guerrilla tactics to fend us off.


Any questions, comments or suggestions should be posted below.

P.s. This is the final mission in the Prometheus series -awwwww :( - Thanks to everyone who has been part of this amazing journey! :) 




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