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  1. Sad to hear it.. why i asked for AWE meeting particulary, is that i think it would be easier to organize it for a smaller group. Should make a poll to see how many is interested to participate.. ?
  2. Good day fellaz! Have u guys ever planned to organize a small meeting between AWE players? it would be fun to meet. I think most of the players are from UK and scandinavia, so it shouldn't be impossible to get almost all of us together. Flying is so cheap and easy nowadays, not underestimating our vortex at all.
  3. Hi! U can drop me off from the list ? cannot arrive in time. Im not at home until 2030 UK time..Sry. Next saturday im free from work ? have a good gamenight fellaz
  4. Will be there, but im gonna be about a half hour late because im at work..if thats ok?
  5. Terve! Ja tervetuloa! nice to have more scandinavians. See u at battlefield. Feel free to come and chat on teamspeak or add me as a friend on steam
  6. Thank you guys!! It was fun..definitely coming next week too
  7. OlimRa

    Training session

    Hello! Are there any upcoming training sessions on AWE? I've read almost all guides, but it would be nice to train on live action. Step by step for leadership and other roles.
  8. OlimRa


    Nice!! More scandinavians on EU3! Hope to see u at the battlefield. Vi ses
  9. OlimRa

    Hi fellaz!!

    Thanks! Planning to get project cars 2 on pc. I have first one on ps4 and i like it a lot. I have thrustmaster ts300 steering wheel so everything is ready for taking tight corners on the tracks.
  10. OlimRa

    Hi fellaz!!

    Im pretty active gamer, allthough i have a 2 yo daughter so i think we gonna meet there. Im training to be a heli pilot. Just bought a joystick, and im training in editor not sure what is my favourite role, but being as medic is fun. Have to try different roles so i can be multitalent
  11. OlimRa


    Terve Timo! Im here too!!
  12. Its aleways nice to see other finnish players
  13. OlimRa

    Hi fellaz!!

    So, my gaming name is Olim Ra. Im 33 yo boy/man/daddy from Finland. Few days ago my friend told me about this community and servers, and i immediately tried it out. Im very excited about it. Nice people and things are working good. Im not so good at english, but quick at learning. U can send me a friend request on steam and come to chat. Im pretty new with Arma but i handle the basics. So if u see me doing things wrong, or something, u can give me an advice. See u in the field!!
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