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Looking for Alpha and Beta testers (and more!)


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//UPDATE: After some considering I decided to port the mission over to Enhanced to add to the whole experience.///


Hello everyone,


Some of you may know I am currently working on a mission, to be exact.: My first non zeus mission which isn't PvP. However, there is a lot which comes into play and a lot has to lign up for it to go according to plan.


That is why I am putting this up, I am looking for people who want to help me with developing the mission thanks to testing it when I put up the alpha and beta versions.


This is how it works: When I finish on a build, ill go on TS and make a channel called Escape Tanoa V2.0 Dev Center. If you want to come and test, join the channel and ill provide instructions on how to join. We will be playing it until it is either played till how far it has been developed or a problem is found which is breaking the mission or the balance of the mission. Once it is done, I ask everyone for their feedback so I can continue working.


That is the first part, I also am looking for people who are able to make a proper mission picture which will be used for when the mission goes live and a trailer for it. Last but not least I am looking for people who are into the coding (in game, not SQF) and are willing to help with the code that will be required for the mission.


If you have some questions or are willing to help, please let me know below!


Practical Information:

APEX required

Enhanced Modset

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