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I&A - Rules & Guidelines


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Invade & Annex
Rules & Guidelines


Upon entering an AhoyWorld I&A server you agree to abide by the following rules.  Any breaking of the rules can result in sanction being applied by a member of staff.  These sanctions can include, but are not limited to, warning, in-game punishment, kicking, temporary ban and permanent ban.  Which action should be taken will be determined on a case-by-case basis by the staff member(s) present at the time and left to the discretion of this/these member(s) of staff.

If you see any player breaking these rules, please report them to staff, or use the player report form.


4.1.   Do not intentionally kill another player on your side.  If you accidently teamkill someone, apologize immediately.

4.1.1.Teamkilling as a result of using thermal optics or lack of a tag is not an excuse. Repeated accidental teamkilling will not be tolerated.  A good rule to live by is: “Not sure?  Don’t shoot!” A single instance of an accidental teamkilling can be forgiven if it’s a legitimate accident and you apologize.

4.1.2.Repeated and/or intentional teamkilling will result in a ban.


4.2.    Play the mission as intended.

4.2.1.Exploiting bugs, glitches, loopholes, exploits, … for personal gain will not be tolerated.  If you find an example of this,  please report it to a member of staff so it can be fixed.

4.2.2.Using hacking and/or cheating tools or doing any action that could be seen as hacking or cheating will be immediately sanctioned.


4.3.    Consider your skill as a pilot before taking a Pilot slot.

4.3.1.The primary role of a pilot is to provide logistical support to the infantry on the ground.  Examples of logistical support are: transporting people, ammo, fuel, vehicles, …

4.3.2.In case of poor ability, a pilot may be asked to leave the slot.

4.3.3.We recommend and highly appreciate that our pilots are on TeamSpeak (the IP can be found on the map).

4.3.4.Pilots are in command of their aircraft, not the passenger nor co-pilot. Don’t confuse this to mean that co-pilots cannot take control.

4.3.5.Pilots are required to land in designated areas in base.

4.3.6.AFK pilots will be removed from their slots faster than someone would from a normal slot for being AFK.

4.3.7.Pilots should keep an eye on their gunners.  Respond to a member of staff as soon as possible when he asks you who your gunners are.


4.4.    Play your role.

4.4.1.If you are operating a support asset like a mortar or a CAS plane/helicopter you are not allowed to kill the entire AO.  Support assets are there to support the infantry this means that infantry have to call these support assets in.

4.4.2.Medics should always have the needed equipment to revive someone.

4.4.3.Repair specialists and engineers should always have the needed equipment to repair damaged vehicles.

4.4.4.Use weaponry that is appropriate for your role.  Examples of unacceptable use of weapons are: non-snipers using sniper rifles, and a normal infantryman running around with an LMG.


4.5.    Do not waste assets.

4.5.1.Don’t be quick to destroy a damaged allied vehicle. If it’s damaged, try to repair it.  When you have done anything that can reasonably expected of you to get it operational again, just leave it.  It will eventually despawn and re-spawn at base.

4.5.2.Wasting assets also includes intentionally crashing any vehicle into anything, repeatedly abandoning assets that are still in working order, and intentionally wasting limited vehicle ammo.

4.5.3 Do not intentionally destroy another players vehicle. 


4.6.    Respect game immersion.

4.6.1.Refrain from spamming the side global and command chats.  Ask yourself if what you have to say is useful information for everyone.  It might be more sensible to use group, vehicle or direct chat.

4.6.2.Do not talk in global, side and command channels.  Use group, vehicle and direct chat for voice communications.

4.6.3.Playing music in global, side, command and group channels is forbidden.  You may play music in direct and vehicle channels, unless another player asks you not to.


4.7.    Trolling in any way will be dealt with swiftly and harshly.
Notes: Trolling includes, but is not limited to:

4.7.1.Blocking doors

4.7.2.Unnecessarily throwing smokes in front of friendlies

4.7.3.Following players around excessively, hindering players, pestering players, overdramatically role playing.

4.7.4.Stealing people's vehicles and/or equipment.

4.7.5.Spamming and/or repeatedly pinging Zeus.


4.8.    Being AFK for prolonged periods of time in the server is not acceptable.  

4.8.1.How fast you’ll get kicked from the server depends on server population, the slot you’re in, whether or not you gave prior notice and the staff member's discretion.

4.8.2.Excessive lobby idling is not permitted, nor is camping out a certain slot. 


We reserve the following rights:

1.       To restart the mission or server whenever we deem necessary. 

2.       To deny access to our service to anyone for substantive reasons not listed in these rules.

3.       To waive any of these rules in favour of enjoyment of the mission.

4.       At the start of missions, to reserve slots in favour of: Known players on TeamSpeak, other TeamSpeak users, known players that are not on TeamSpeak, anyone else.  In case of a tie or in case there is no admin present, slots are obtainable on a first-come, first-served basis.


The most up to date version of these rules can be found here.  This topic is merely a highlight of the rules that apply specifically to the servers we host that run I&A. 

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