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In-game name when banned: SGT.R.Brown

What message displays when you attempt to connect? I have attempted to Reconnect

Why do you think you were banned? I was Banned for apperently trying to Recruit using the Server

Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted? As the Admins and Creators of Ahoy World, i will not Argue with the final outcome but will put my Case.

I was given two Warnings on apparently Advertising, the first time i was Kicked, through my eyes appeared because i told a player who was in our Squad to "leave your Squad and ill invite you to ours" after he had Disconnected and reconnected to the server, this was referring to the Ingame Squad system using (U). For this i got an Advertisement Warning and a Kick or so i believed this was the reason.

When i reconnected i wrote a message explaining what i had did and carried on. Once i had gotten my Squad Back together again, i then posted my own Personal Teamspeak 3 Channel, and told them to join it so we could communicate better, #1 that is not a recruitment that is simply better dynamic teamplay, #2 i had posted it previously on the kick (in the group chat) but since the kick was so quick it was a not apparent that the TS Address was the reason why. I believe this could / should have been mentioned in the Kick message.

Upon doing this shortly after i then received a personal message, "You were Warned Brown", and then received a Ban Notice, Two of my Squad members attempted to argue that i was unaware posting the Teamspeak Details was the major offensive on both occasions but this was met with a very blunt "He had enough chances" Again i believe to handled very poorly.
Also if i am not mistake though correct me if i'm wrong, There is usually a 3 time strike and your not, not a 1 Strike.

Personally i feel that the ban was carried out very Quickly like having your finger ready on the ban hammer, Up until this point i have tried to run a Dynamic Squad to give yourselves and others a more immersive experience which over the past few days has been successful. I feel that the reason was not explained properly, Nor was explained directly to me, had i of known i would have stopped immediately.

as i said in the Beginning i respect your decision in the result, and either way thank you for the experience on the AW Servers.


Which administrator banned you (if known): Unknown

When were you banned: 24/05/2017

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Hi, Sgt.R.Brown


After reviewing the report under your name to why you were banned, I will not be unbanning you, this is down to that we operate a strict no advertising policy on the servers. In addition to the fact you failed to listen to admins who gave you warnings not to post your ts address.


Ban appeal unsuccessful





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