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In-game name when banned: THE PUNISHER

What message displays when you attempt to connect? Admin Ban The_Punisher/Abusse/Sozio

Why do you think you were banned? Foul language

Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted? I was playing like FSG gunner about two hours when Alex conneted to the server in FSG group!He asked me to help him in grooup chat to help him.I said that i will not help him (i was to road to AO to setup the mortar)than he started to provoke me saying do you know what is a FSG Gunner,go play a CoD and some other stuff.Then i got pissed off how he can order me to do something that i don t want to do (i play like lonewolf) and what he dosen t understanded when i said no to him then i exchanged some foul language towards him and to the admin Sozio (he kicked me and warned me to keep calm) but i overacted!Im so sorry because this incident i have good memories on the Ahoy World EU1 server,you have a good staff and i request a second chance.I will be now quiet on the server.I will not be engaged in any kind of disagreement!P.S Sorry For My Bad English

Which administrator banned you (if known): S0zi0p4th

When were you banned: 3/26/2017

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To anyone that might be reading this, pestering staff to have your ban appeal reviewed quicker will only result in your ban being lengthened. 


OK back to the appeal. You were banned for Abuse. After checking our logs you've been highlighted as misbehaving on multiple separate days. March 15th, March 22nd and the day of the ban March 26th. Each of the logs show behaviour that we wouldn't deem acceptable on Ahoyworld. 


On Sunday you where kicked for frankly being very immature: 

17:49:35 | (Group) THE PUNISHER: stfu im mortar idiot
17:49:45 | (Group) THE PUNISHER: omg kid you are boring

17:50:18 | (Group) THE PUNISHER: dickhead

17:51:38 | Player #40 THE PUNISHER (b24ffb9d98ee64ce59bb2697c475c8d9) has been kicked by BattlEye: Admin Kick (Start acting normal or end up with a ban ) //First warning


The you reconnected and recieved a warning from S0zi0p4th: 

17:53:38 | RCon admin #5: (Global) S0zi0p4th: THE PUNISHER this is your only and last warning from me togheter with that kick iff i see you once more typing or yelling like that you can find the door out  //Second warning
17:53:51 | (Group) THE PUNISHER: i didnt lost my temmper
17:54:03 | (Global) THE PUNISHER: what admin?\
17:54:19 | (Global) THE PUNISHER: kick you mom in her vagina!!!


This behaviour towards anyone, let alone an admin isn't something we want in our community. 

With the fact you recognised you did wrong and approached S0zi0p4th to apologise i'm willing to reduce the ban to a 3 week one. Being removed sometime on the 18th April 2017.


Please don't let us see you banned again as next time it will be even more likely you wont get unbanned.



Stand-in Community Referee


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