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[EU6] Hearts and Minds - Mission Test


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Location: EU6

Modset: Enhanced (EU3)

Map: Altis

Time & Date: today, from now on, for a couple of days

Mission type: Combat Patrol


I`m putting up this mission for a test on EU6 as a possible addition to EU3 mission pool. It needs a test for a couple of days, to see if all core functions of the mission work.



It`s a counter-insurgency mission, where you are fighthing Oplitas, a Russian faction trying to destabilize Altis. You are searching for their ammo caches and hideouts, by eliminating their forces and searching dead bodies for intel, or by talking to locals to recieve intel from them.



HQ Officer: he has a ability to spawn Side mission (only if player count is high). I believe he also has abilitiy to create FOBs, when our reputation is high enough (to be tested).


Interpreter: until reputation gets higher, he is the only one who can speak with civilans. All 3 squads have one. Make sure that slot is always taken by someone.


Civilan Interaction: you can interact with civilans. Talk to them, they will give you info about enemy caches or hideouts. BE AWARE, they will lie to you if your reputations is low (you killed some of them, etc).


IEDs: mission spawns IEDs around the map, currently in the shape of wrecked vehicles or slightly damaged vehicles. The engineer or EOD tech can try to disarm them, earning you reputation.


VEHICLE REPAIR: if vehicle gets destroyed, it will NOT respawn (beside the Chinook). You have to bring the back with the Chinook to the repair pad and repair them. You also use some reputation, if the vehicles get destroy, so take care of your vehicles. The only ones that respawn as well, are the quads (see bellow why).


All features of the mission are explained in the map tab called "Documentation". Please read them.



  1. regular AhoyWorld rules apply
  2. please fill the pilot slot only if there are 5+ players on. If player number count is up to 5 players, please use Quads to drive back to the squad (they respawn really fast). If there is a pilot around, wait for him, he`ll take you back to your squad.
  3. HQ Officer slot is to be taken by Staff or Moderators only, unless one of them allows a different player to take it
  4. do NOT save loadouts, you will respawn with gear that you died with. This a precaution for radio setups, plus your gear and Arsenal is heavily limited
  5. base has NO protection yet, please don`t throw frags around
  6. 2 infantry squads can each use 2 open top Humvees, plus one of the command one. The Humvee with a full canopy (full-top) is reserved for the command element.



  • BASIC medical system is in use, we are testing core mission functions first, fine tunning of the mission will occur later
  • radio frequencies should be pre-defined, so you should start and respawn with your radios tuned to correct channels
  • server password is found in the TS3 TFAR channel, found as a sub-channel of EU6
  • mission has no view-distance script in yet, I tried implementing it, but I need to look into changing the core script for it to work


Report any bugs or issues in this thread.


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Nice mission Pero, here is some feedback


  • The' documentation tab is not always available on the map.
    WORKAROUND: Reconnect seems to fix this
  • Server difficulty settings are not 100%, personal waypoint is enabled
  • ST Hud, leave group on death seems to be enabled although it does not happen all the time.


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