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This man needs no introduction...


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...Oh, Nobody knows who he is? Correction: This man needs and introduction.

Shall I tell you that he once killed a leopard with his toenail clippings, or that antelope find him quite attractive?

NO OF COURSE NOT! That would be a lie, and lying is bad, everything that has the sound lie in it is bad! Lions, ligers... lionesses. It's either that they are big cats or liars, both are evil.

What I can tell you is that he once logged into facebook using both his face and a book, and can log into steam using a kettle. When he saw the title of this website he stood up and shouted it like a ships captain greeting the miserable looking land peasants and other erchins that he has the displeasure of having to stomp over to get to his lunch date with lady penelope hopplesplodge, daughter of the arch duke of flabbleberry-on-heatherplumph.

I'd like to welcome myself to this website and forum, my name is all i'll give you and you can see that so there we are. Introduction given!

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I like to see it as an free air filtration service, to which i offer the world... did I mention that I do it for free?

I take pride in my illiteracy, thank you :)

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On an unrelated note, does Lady Penelope Hopplesplodge - daughter of the Arch Duke of Flabbleberry-on-Heatherplumph - happen to have a sister?

I believe she does, The duchess of Flabbleberry-on-Heatherplumph other wise known as "plumphy"... and whats more she is um-married, quite unlike her sister in that respect.

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I wrote a lovely bit of back story, the laptop I am forced to suffer then went and crashed.

Please proceed at your leasure to imagine how witty and funny the piece I wrote previously was.

If at any point it doesn't seem as funny as you imagine it should have been, please forgive yourself for not having a mind as briliant as mine.

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