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Greetings all


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Hi guys,


new to the community so I thought I'd introduce myself.


I'm 36 years old, born, raised and living in Sweden. For 30+ of those years I have been a gamer and a roleplayer. Started out with the Commodore 64 and went on from there. Still roleplay, both in computer games and pen and paper. 


Now, I don't usually play shooters. I'm more of a strategy and RPG player but a few years ago (or not so few) a game called Operation Flashpoint caught my eye. Played that to death. Literally. My CD broke. I loved the realism and simulation aspect of it. It's like roleplaying. :)


Fastforward a bunch of years and a friend tells me he's playing this game called ARMA 3. I must confess I had totally missed out on the ARMA series, thought it was just another shooter. But once again I am hooked.


I haven't been playing long, still brushing up the skills from yesteryears. From what I have read so far this seems a really friendly and helpful community so I hope you don't mind me being a bit noobish at first.


Hope to see you all online soon!




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